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The reply of Chongqing development and Reform Commission on the approval of Hechuan sujiaba (Shitan) 110kV substation 35kV Transmission Project has been received from Chongqing Electric Power Company:

your company's request for approval of Hechuan sujiaba (Shitan) project (YDF [2018] No. 314). According to the application report for approval of 35kV Transmission Project of 110kV Substation in Neiba (Shitan) of Chongqing Hechuan Sujia 1 general substation and the evaluation opinions of Chongqing National Investment Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (Zhong Zi tou Zi Wen [2019] No. 2) prepared by the state nuclear power planning, design and Research Institute Chongqing Co., Ltd., after research, the approval items of the project are hereby approved as follows:

1. In order to relieve the power supply pressure of Gaolong 110kV substation, Transfer part of the load to sujiaba 110kV substation to meet the demand of the northeast area of Hechuan District, which also benefits from the huge input load growth of large domestic companies, optimize the electric frame structure and improve the reliability of power supply, in accordance with the administrative licensing law and the regulations on the administration of approval and filing of enterprise investment projects, It is agreed to construct the 35 kV transmission project of 110 kV Substation in sujiaba (Shitan) of Hechuan (project code: 2018 500117 4402056608). The project unit is Chongqing electric power company

II. Project construction site: shuanghuai Town, Xiaomian Town, Shitan Town, Hechuan

III. construction content and scale

(I) substation part

expand a 35 kV Bay of Shitan 35 kV substation, and verify and complete the electrical primary and secondary equipment and communication equipment of relevant substations

(II) line part

disconnect the Weixi 35 kV substation and the 23 pp line of the 35 kV Mianyang Weihe line, and connect it to sujiaba 110 kV substation. The total length of the new line is 6km, including 5.5km of the overhead line. The conductor model is jl/g1a 240. There is no notch parallel to the notch axis/30. The length of the cable line is 0.5km, and the cable section is 400m2

the new sujiaba Shitan 35kV line is 15.5km long, including 15km overhead line, jl/g1a 240/30 conductor, 0.5km long cable line and 400mm2 cable section

the existing 35kV Mianyang Weihe line and Mianyang Shitan line are overlapped. After the Weixi 35kV substation is returned to service, some low-quality equipment will often encounter resistance in operation, forming sujiaba Longshi single circuit line and sujiaba Shitan 35kV double circuit line

(III) optical fiber communication is adopted for system communication

IV. the dynamic investment of the project is 17.171 million yuan, including 16.868 million yuan of static investment. The project capital is 4.217 million yuan, accounting for 25% of the static investment

v. the bidding scope of the project covers engineering construction and procurement of important equipment and materials related to engineering construction. Bidding shall be conducted in the form of public bidding and entrusted bidding. The bidding announcement shall be published in the designated media

VI. in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and administrative regulations, the relevant documents that should be attached to the approved project are: opinions on the site selection of construction projects (Xuan Zi No; Opinions of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of planning and natural resources on the preliminary review of the land for the construction project of the 35kV Transmission Project of the 110kV sujiaba (Shitan) substation in Hechuan (ygzyz [2018] No. 24)

VII. If it is necessary to adjust the construction site, construction scale, main construction contents, etc. specified in the project approval document, please submit a change application in time in accordance with the relevant provisions of the administrative measures for approval and filing of enterprise investment projects in Chongqing. Our committee will make a written decision on whether to agree to the change according to the specific situation of the project

VIII. Before the commencement of the project, the project legal person shall go through the relevant construction application procedures such as planning permission, land use, resource utilization, safety production and environmental assessment in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and administrative regulations

IX. if the project has not started construction within 2 years from the date of approval decision or consent to change decision, and it is necessary to postpone the construction, Chongqing Electric Power Company shall apply to our committee for postponement of construction 30 working days before the expiration of the 2-year period. The commencement of construction can only be postponed once, and the maximum period shall not exceed 1 year. Where the state has other provisions on the postponement of the commencement of a project, such provisions shall prevail

Chongqing development and Reform Commission

january 31, 2019

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