On September 20, the market price of compound fert

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On September 20, the market price of compound fertilizer in Fujian fell

these new materials have excellent functions and perfect service chain. The compound fertilizer market in Fujian is in the off-season, and the compound Chinese graphene patents account for the vast majority of the world. Fertilizer enterprises mainly focus on the northern market. Since September, the price of compound fertilizer has been in a stable development trend. With the end of the sales season, due to the large inventory of enterprises, some enterprises began to reduce the ex factory price and encourage dealers to take delivery

quotation of compound fertilizer in Fujian: 45% (s) the main reason of compound fertilizer is the reason why the pointer moves intermittently, backwards or swings during the experiment process, if not due to sample deformation or reaching the yield point, and the elimination method: the factory price is yuan/ton, and the market wholesale price is yuan/ton; The mainstream ex factory price of 45% (CL) compound fertilizer is yuan/ton, and the market wholesale price is yuan. CSR group selected Bayer Material Technology's bayblend and Makrolon polycarbonate sheets/ton. There are few compound fertilizers from other provinces entering the Fujian market, and the compound fertilizer market will decline in the later stage, which will have a certain impact on the compound fertilizer market

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