On several application types of on demand printing

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On several application types of on-demand printing

what is on-demand printing? Although the term covers a wide range of applications, it basically refers to the design, ordering, and delivery of existing products, new products, or publications in various print or electronic forms through the Internet

on demand printing can be either B2B or B2C

b2b can adopt the traditional printing method, but the content is created and through the network. B2C is the direct cooperation with end customers in the whole product creation or production process, such as the personal production of photo albums, greeting cards, books, posters and other printed materials --------- Ruan Shilun, associate professor of Dalian University of Technology/doctoral edition. People often use a word to refer to these operations, namely printing. The term is also often used to refer to commercial operations such as ordering, tracking and payment of printed matter

the key point of on-demand printing is to eliminate the inventory, improve the personalization of the product, and get rid of the restriction on the number of prints. The number of prints can be as low as one book. Another important point, especially in the B2C field, is to complete the payment with credit card before the production behavior occurs. However, digital printing is not used in all cases. Therefore, on-demand printing can also use offset printing with a very high degree of automation. Two typical examples are Vistaprint and flyeralarm. Vesta printing factory is the fastest growing and most successful printing enterprise in the world. While freilram is a German printing enterprise. The orders of these two enterprises are mainly office stationery products. These orders are only operated through printing, but they all use multi-functional large offset printing machines. Vesta's factory in Melbourne uses B1 printing press, while fryelam uses VLF printing press. The two companies use special software to reset the angle values of several different printing jobs to the same piece of paper, and make a profit

several application types of on-demand printing are described below

photo album this is probably the fastest growing digital printing application. That is, export photos from a digital camera or, and then typeset them in the form of personal portraits. This requires downloading a special photo album typesetting software from. Before typesetting, you need to select the photos you want to print. During typesetting, you can zoom in or out, rotate, cut and add text. After all the pages have been typeset, the photo album manufacturer, that is, the printing service provider, downloads the photo album from the. They quote the unit price of the photo album and pay by credit card

then, the printer uses digital printing equipment to produce and send it to the buyer. A variety of printing equipment can be used to produce this photo album. I have seen top-level terminal systems used more frequently, such as HP indigo, Xerox igen4 and Kodak nExpress

the digital printing of books has a long history. Now printers are using this technology to reprint books with accelerated expansion and development of China's plastic extruder Market or a small number of prints. On demand printing has opened up a new field for book printing, which is personal publishing. With personal publishing, authors can print books without the help of printers. There are many organizations that provide printing platforms. When composing content through these platforms, you can add text and pictures, and generate chapters, indexes, table of contents, etc

after the book is typeset, the unit price of this digital printed book will be issued, and then settled by credit card. Finally, it will be printed and delivered

printing can also help professional publishers accept special orders. For example, booksellers can print and deliver books that have not been printed or out of print, or when the order quantity is as low as one

another example of personalized newspaper on-demand printing is a British organization called newspaper club. Various contents on the Internet, blog and other carriers can be typeset on the newspaper page. This application can be used in concert, wedding, school sports meeting and other important occasions. After all the pages have been typeset, they will be sent for printing. If the printing volume exceeds 5000 copies, it will be printed on the newspaper offset press according to the Convention; If the printing volume is small, it is printed on a continuous inkjet printer

on demand printing can not only continue to use the traditional printing machine, but also develop new high value-added products with the help of network and digital printing, thus creating a variety of new printing applications. It provides new opportunities for digital printers and printing organizations to develop new profit growth points

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