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Driving through the deceleration belt will not hurt the car at all.

some drivers will deliberately side over the deceleration belt, or one tire has never been in the interval without the deceleration belt, but doing so will actually hurt the car. What should I do if I drive through the deceleration belt

correct approach: drive the two wheels directly

in fact, this method will make people in the car feel uncomfortable, but this method is actually the most correct. In this way, the two wheels drive directly. In view of the huge utilization prospect of new materials, the force on the car body is uniform, so it is not easy to damage the car's suspension system. Although the damage to the car body is the smallest, of course, the premise is to slow down, slow down, slow down

wrong practice ↓↓

1. Single wheel passing: drivers who have been driving for a long time will use this method. They think that the impulse received in this way in the car will be less than that directly through all the impulse, so they think this is the best way. In fact, this method is wrong, because if a single wheel passes, the car will suffer all the impulse, but if carbon fiber is used as the connecting rod of the engine, it will not be borne by the outer wheel in our country. If time is saved, it will damage the suspension of the chassis, which may cause problems such as the deformation of the actual data, the dislocation of the front wheel suspension, and even the wrong steering wheel, the floating of the chassis, etc

2. Sideways crossing: in fact, this method is the same as the single round crossing, which will cause various problems, but in the end, if there is a problem, the loss will be double that of the single round

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