It's too early to talk about the golden age of bik

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It is too early to talk about the golden age of shared bicycles

shared bicycles have brought fire to the concept of shared economy. Sharing economy has swept all economic fields like a tornado, and various products in the name of sharing economy have sprung up one after another. Recently, someone even proposed "sharing facial mask". "Sharing facial mask" is certainly unreliable. Needless to say, as soon as this concept was put forward, it was severely criticized, and the oil circuit is stable without impact; Being ridiculed by the masses is a hot hype without limits. "Sharing facial mask" is not feasible, but sharing cars is feasible. Moreover, sharing cars has also been supported by the government

the research and development of cathode materials has become the key to restrict the wide promotion and utilization of such materials.

new energy vehicles have always been the key subsidy object of the government in China's automotive industry. The government encourages their development and promotion through subsidies, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy conservation. The use of new energy vehicles in shared vehicles not only saves costs, but also can cooperate with the government to promote environmental protection, and benefit from policies in many aspects, killing two birds with one stone and achieving the best of both worlds. Although shared cars are favored by the government and supported by policies, it is still too early to talk about the golden age of shared cars. There are still many unsolved problems for the shared car industry to develop like the blooming shared bicycles

the cost of a single shared car is high. The cost of sharing a car is much higher than that of a single car. The cost of a car ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands, which is n times that of a single car. The high cost will bring two problems, one is that the deposit is getting hotter with the development of sharing economy, and the other is that the repair cost is high. If the deposit of car sharing reaches a certain amount, car renters will inevitably have doubts about the safety of the large deposit, and will worry about whether the deposit can be recovered if the car rental platform runs away

the repair of shared cars is tricky. The repair cost of shared cars is much higher than that of single cars, and sometimes the phenomenon that "repair" is more expensive than "replacement" occurs in car maintenance, which causes a problem in later maintenance. For the car with problems, it is worth considering who will repair it, whether to set up a special post, how much it costs to repair it, to what extent you can give up the repair and directly replace it with a new car, where to repair it, whether to set up a repair site, and how to match the existing urban resources. If the shared bike breaks down on the road, it can be removed and repaired by people. What if the shared car breaks down in the middle of the road

it is not easy to solve the problem of using high-precision load cell measurement and stepping electromechanical drive to enjoy the qualification of car drivers. Motor vehicles are not as good as bicycles. The driver of a motor vehicle on the road is required to have a motor vehicle driver's license, that is, the driver must pass the motor vehicle driving qualification examination of the people's Republic of China and the driver's license has no record of major violations. In order to solve the problem of driver qualification recognition of shared cars, it is bound to require all users of shared cars to upload driving licenses and other information, and keep the information updated in real time. How to ensure that people who rent shared cars have driving licenses and good driving skills? If unqualified drivers drive shared cars and cause road traffic safety accidents, how to identify them? How to prevent drivers from borrowing or stealing other people's certificates? All kinds of problems need to be solved

such problems cannot and should not be put on the market on a large scale without coming up with better solutions, otherwise it will only aggravate urban traffic congestion and create a mess that even the government can't clean up. The golden age of bike sharing will come one day. But it is still too early to talk about the golden age of bike sharing

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