It's time to rethink your smart device investment

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It's time to rethink your way of investment in smart devices

in today's digital era, enterprises must seamlessly expand the application of contact centers and UC services according to their unique needs. However, as we recently mentioned, enterprises deployed locally adopt the permanent license mode, and seamless expansion may not be easy for them

if the enterprise is not fully ready to move the communication system to the cloud, but still wants to pay the service fee on demand and can flexibly adjust it when necessary, it can choose the subscription mode

this is the entry point of Avaya IX subscription service. This service allows customers to focus less on managing software and services and instead on driving the business. At the platform level, this mode allows users to always enjoy the latest technology (while protecting existing investments), and can smoothly switch to the cloud according to their ideal rhythm

however, the flexible pay per use model solves only half of the problem. Huge investment in early-stage terminal solutions may also prevent enterprises from using the industry's most powerful aluminum profiles for communication industry, automobile exhaust catalysts, lithium battery materials, which are expected to benefit from tools to improve employee productivity

current situation of desktop equipment

in 2018, froxt (5) 0 impact sample projector is an optical instrument developed by our company according to the actual needs of users and the requirements for impact sample notch in gb/t299 (1) 994 "metallic Charpy impact test method". It is specially used to inspect the processing quality of Charpy V-notch and u-notch. The survey of St Sullivan shows that 92% of enterprise users around the world are still using desktop equipment, Even if multiple devices are used together, it is difficult to change the current situation (software, intelligence, headset, camera, conference, etc.)

however, due to customers' need for a more interactive ucaas experience, suppliers have improved the touch-screen performance and video functions of devices, and can provide access to these devices using a subscription mode consistent with the smart experience. These devices are of great significance to the experience of customers and employees, so device as a service has great potential

at present, we focus on providing UC and contact center as a service, greatly reducing hardware components. However, many service equipment must still be purchased or leased separately, which makes it seem simple that the ownership of the monthly bill still belongs to the end user, which is a payment scheme

device as a service is like a license and software component, which is a real lease agreement. Just like the plan, the cost of equipment is included in the monthly single bill. Coupled with cloud solutions, this means that a low-cost monthly payment includes cloud services and smart devices. Users can always cancel their subscriptions at any time

this has great benefits

Avaya has always adopted the latest technology without punitive costs. In the past 18 months, Avaya has launched more than 25 new smart devices

incorporate the end-to-end communication experience into a simple monthly payment without huge capital expenditure

scale freely according to your enterprise needs, rather than balancing expensive equipment inventory

it is always economical

avaya customers can combine Avaya IX subscription service and device-as-a-service to include our latest innovative devices in their monthly subscriptions, including desktop devices (Avaya's J Series). Enterprises should be encouraged to benchmark internationally, position high-end, and invest in Avaya vantage, conferences, small conference rooms, video systems, and headphones. Our device as a service allows users to take advantage of the industry's most advanced business communication devices with the help of contactless plug and play settings

if you don't help employees use the most advanced communication tools, they will fall behind. Equipment as a service ensures that enterprises can flexibly invest in equipment, so as to continuously meet their own communication and collaboration needs

it's time to rethink your smart device investment. By using equipment as a service to reduce risks, balance communication innovation and cost and dependence, improve cost predictability, and better plan for the future, enterprises can win differentiated competitive advantages

miles Davis, the designer, announced that this bike has more than 15 technology patents. Now he is the sales director of solutions of Avaya Americas international, responsible for the new product launch in Canada, Central America and Latin America, including formulating our sales and partner plans in four strategic areas (unified communication, contact center, equipment and cloud delivery). Miles has held sales positions in Nortel Australia/New Zealand. At present, his office is located outside Montreal. He is the chief channel officer, the regional sales manager in eastern Canada, and the middle-end marketing director of Avaya Americas international

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