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Great, my brother! Shangong machinery won a new project again

it's amazing, my brother! Recently, a good news came from Baotou that the 822 bulldozer of Shangong machinery won the bid for Baotou Aluminum project. The delivery ceremony has been successfully held in Baotou Aluminum thermal power plant

SEM bulldozer delivery ceremony of Chinalco Baotou thermal power plant bidding project

why choose Mountain Machinery

Faced with severe energy and environmental challenges, Baotou Aluminum thermal power plant is a large-scale thermal power plant, which mainly supplies Baotou electrolytic aluminum plant of Aluminum Corporation of China. Due to the high failure rate of bulldozers of other brands currently used, affecting normal production, the company decided to purchase 230 Mali bulldozers through bidding

the output of white paperboard is about 14.51 million tons; Except for coated paper, household paper, paper and special paper, the cultural paper output is 28.31 million tons. The salesperson of Shangong machinery brand not only answers the problems of working conditions, configuration and operation efficiency for customers in detail, but also organizes customers to visit similar working conditions and caterpillar Qingzhou factory. Baotou Aluminum customers have strong power, leading technology Comfortable operation and advanced processing and assembly lines left a good impression, and finally chose the mountain machinery 822 bulldozer

caterpillar, which started with crawler bulldozers, has maintained a leading position in this field for 120 years. As a brand of caterpillar, the bid winning Shangong machinery 822 bulldozer inherits many of Caterpillar's patented technologies: the application of Caterpillar's third-generation bulldozer automatic double circuit electric control hydrostatic traditional system can improve the operation efficiency by 30%; Caterpillar's four-wheel belt has a thickness of 10% greater than that of thorns and track shoes. 1. Some of the original flame retardant properties are low, which greatly enhances the service life and can be maintenance free for life; In addition, Caterpillar's proprietary welding technology can eliminate weld stress, and caterpillar ECM fault diagnosis system can automatically diagnose the electrical computer of the whole vehicle

Shangong machinery 822 bulldozer

customers praise Shangong machinery: it's worth it

the customer of Baotou Aluminum Thermal Power Plant said, "it's worth buying the quality and technology of the international first-class brands at the price of domestic products! Many caterpillar advanced technologies are applied to the mountain machinery bulldozer. Through the factory visit, we also learned that the product production strictly follows caterpillar's process specifications, which are very attractive to buyers."

the Northeast sales representative of Shangong machinery brand also said, "for many years, Shangong machinery has been adhering to the concept of providing customers with leather products and professional services, and has worked hard to make customers continue to obtain the maximum value return. For the products ordered by Baotou Aluminum this time, Shangong machinery will continue to provide high-quality and responsive after-sales support."

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