Italy strengthens food safety management and label

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Italy strengthens food safety management, milk must be labeled

from the beginning of June, fresh milk sold in stores all over Italy must be labeled conspicuously to indicate the origin of raw materials of fresh milk products, otherwise the government will impose a fine ranging from 1600 euros (1 euro, about 1.2 US dollars) to 9500 euros on people

this is one of the important measures taken by the Italian government to strengthen food safety

milk is the main agricultural product consumed by Italians, and 40% of the milk in the Italian market is fresh milk. In recent years, affected by the crisis of trust in the safety of agricultural products in Europe and other regions, Italian demand for fresh milk has declined. Relevant statistics show that last year 1. Transmission: with screw transmission and rack transmission, the per capita consumption of fresh milk in Italy was only 15 liters, and the consumption fell by 20% in the past five years. In order to enhance people's consumer confidence, the Italian Federation of Agriculture held publicity activities in the central squares, shopping malls and supermarkets in hundreds of provincial capitals across the country this month to publicize the benefits of fresh milk to human health, let people understand the importance of food labels, and enhance people's awareness of food quality and safety

for a long time, Italy has attached importance to food safety supervision and management, and has successively issued a series of national and local regulations. For example, since May, 2002, the government has successively issued regulations requiring that beef, eggs, vegetables, fruits, honey and other foods sold in stores and various markets need to be marked with information such as food origin, manufacturers and raw materials of products, so as to enhance consumers' confidence in food safety. At the beginning of this year, the government of Campania in southern Italy also decided that the bread retail in stores and stalls can be sold only after packaging, and the bread producers must also indicate the production date and the logo of the production enterprise on the packaging paper, otherwise the bread producers and retailers will be fined from 500 euros to 2500 euros

a survey shows that Italian food enterprises of all kinds invest more than 2 billion euros every year in food quality and safety inspection, and the employees engaged in food quality and safety inspection account for an average of 22% of the total number of employees. Not long ago, the national scientific research commission of Italian enterprises announced the addition of the "Ministry of agricultural food" and increased funds to strengthen the research on agricultural food production technology and food safety inspection methods as long as they are reasonable

at the end of last year, Italy also announced the establishment of a national food safety committee. The committee is composed of officials and experts from the Italian Ministry of health, the Ministry of agriculture and some major agricultural regions. The Italian Minister of health is the chairman of the Committee. The main responsibility of the committee is to respond to the food safety crisis and strengthen coordination and crisis management capabilities

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