Italy is the biggest exporter of packaging machine

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Italy is a major exporter of packaging machinery

the sales of Italian packaging machinery in 1998 increased by 5% over the previous year. 200 it is more necessary to establish a new modern concept. The sales of Italian packaging machinery in 0 and 2001 were 2.36 and 2 respectively. For example, the bench was 420million US dollars, accounting for the fourth place in the world. The export volume accounts for 82% of the output value of Italian packaging machinery, and the United States is the largest export market. Exports to the United States in 1999 are still optimistic, but the European market is not optimistic. In 1999, the output value of Italian packaging machinery was 2.58 billion US dollars, and the export volume was 2.02 billion US dollars, with the export proportion as high as 78%. The application field of Italian packaging machinery is the food industry, which accounts for 40% of the total packaging machinery, followed by the pharmaceutical/cosmetic industry, which accounts for 20%, and the petroleum/chemical industry, which accounts for 10%. In 2001, Italy's export of packaging machinery to China was 110million euros, an increase of 40% over the previous year. Italy is one of the important manufacturers of packaging machinery in the world. Its biggest feature is that most of its products are exported to foreign markets. Italy is the fourth largest manufacturer of packaging machinery in the world after the United States, Japan and Germany. However, unlike the first two countries, namely the United States and Japan, Italian machinery products have a strong export tendency, and more than 80% of its products are sold overseas. This is related to Italy's packaging machinery and equipment, which has always been famous for its flexible and advanced technology that the plastic materials and products used for food contact that were previously applicable to (EU) no10/2010 can still be put on the market. The commodity packaging machinery industry and equipment industry in Italy are composed of about 250 enterprises with industrial level and industrial scale, and more than 100 small-scale production units based on handicraft level. The network structure of this integrated large group and super specialized small and medium-sized enterprises has typical Italian characteristics. When the economy is in recession, it is flexible and more quickly adapt to the changes in market demand and technological development. Italy plays a decisive role in the world packaging machinery market, second only to Germany, accounting for 25% of international transactions. In 2001, due to the rise of exports and the recovery of the domestic market, Italy's packaging and packaging machinery industry had a bumper harvest. The total sales volume increased by 4.7% over 2000, and the export proportion reached 81%, an increase of 5.1% over the previous year

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