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In the era of Internet, there is still room for the development of traditional printing

today, with the development of international Internet technology and application in full swing, Internet has gone deep into all aspects of people's production and life, and has brought a great impact on all walks of life, including the traditional publishing and printing industry. With the increasing popularity of e-books, e-magazines and newspapers, the number of our citizens has also increased. In order to ensure that the surrounding atmosphere of the tested products can meet the environmental experimental conditions specified in the experimental specifications, the rapid development of the version is bound to change the trend of the traditional publishing and printing industry. The printing industry is facing a more serious situation than that when most printer ink materials of broadcasting were solidified, and the impact of television on printing was more severe. However, we must be fully aware that everything has two sides. Web publishing has an impact on the traditional printing industry, but it also opens up new opportunities and space for its development, and traditional printing also has incomparable advantages over web publishing

due to the development of online publishing, the share of traditional paper media in the total media has decreased. The increase of publications on the Internet will reduce the source and number of copies of book, newspaper and periodical printing enterprises. The reduction of business volume will directly lead to the intensification of competition among printing enterprises, and those printing enterprises with weak strength will be eliminated in the competition. At the same time, the network knows no borders, and the domestic publishing and printing industry will also lose part of the domestic market in the competition with foreign publishing and printing industry. The demand of the publishing industry for publishing and printing talents also poses a threat to the traditional publishing and printing industry in terms of recruitment. In the face of these situations, traditional publishers and printers can not only wait to die and be slaughtered by others. As long as they seize the opportunity, prepare early, avoid risks, and give full play to their strengths, they can still obtain development space in the Internet era

most people only pay attention to the impact of online reading on the printing industry, but ignore the universality of the scope of the printing industry. The printing of books, newspapers and magazines is certainly a part of traditional printing, but at the same time, traditional printing also includes packaging printing, advertising printing, commercial paper printing and many other aspects. In the unity of form and content diversity, traditional printing still has advantages over online publishing. It can be seen that online publishing only has a negative impact on some parts of the traditional printing industry, and it is impossible to completely replace the traditional printing industry, just as the television industry does not replace the film industry; The air transportation industry has not replaced the railway transportation industry. There is no substitute for broadcasting in television. While the printing of books, newspapers and periodicals has been severely impacted by the Internet, packaging printing, advertising printing, commercial printing and so on are sharing the huge benefits brought by the Internet. The development of station media and network products also needs their own publicity, and the way of publicity can not avoid the traditional printing and communication mode. As long as we pay a little attention to the newspapers, periodicals and other printed materials around us, the advertisements with propaganda and information as the protagonist have almost reached the point of penetration. The packaging and printing of network products also brings business opportunities to the vast number of printers. In addition, most of the educational tools, entertainment products, decorations, identity documents, trademark packaging, gifts, due to the use of torque tester equipment, generally, the printing of supplies, collections, securities and other products is still dependent on the traditional printing industry, which cannot be replaced by online publishing. Therefore, the diversity of information carriers in the traditional printing industry is the essential difference between print and Internet

the birth of each new technology will bring a negative effect on traditional technology, but it is also bound to bring a driving effect. The traditional publishing and printing industry can also take the opportunity to develop network technology. The so-called printing on demand is the new development field that the traditional publishing and printing industry has entered by using the development of network technology. At the same time, in 2016, it achieved sales of 26million yuan. While providing opportunities for foreign publishing circles to penetrate into China, it also provided convenient conditions for Chinese publishing circles to expand into the international market. International Printing giants can seize China's market through the Internet. Similarly, China's traditional publishing and printing enterprises can also give play to China's advantages in labor price and take a share in the international printing market through the convenience brought by the Internet

in this tide of coexistence between online publishing and traditional publishing and printing industry, the traditional publishing and printing industry should not only regard online publishing as an irreconcilable opponent, but should use this new technology to reform its own backward technology, so as to achieve the purpose of positive and healthy development

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