It's the time to face express garbage while buying

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At that time, the rapid development of

purchase brought the prosperity of the express industry, and the resulting express waste also became a major problem. Many buyers have dismantled the express, and the 101st western international plastic industry exhibition, which will open in Chongqing on April 16, 2015, has also attracted much attention. The delivery packages are thrown away at random. Few people know where the abandoned packages, filled with foam, tape, plastic bags, etc., go and how to deal with them

according to the data, the total length of the tape used by the national express industry in 2015 was 16.985 billion meters, which can circle the equator 425 times, based on the average 1 meter long tape used for each express. The report also shows that in 2016, the National Express consumed about 20.7 billion express waybills, about 3.1 billion woven bags, about 8.268 billion plastic buttons with speed regulation, about 3.105 billion envelopes, about 9.922 billion packaging boxes, and about 2.977 billion internal buffers

these data not only show that a large number of resources are used, but also mean that tens of thousands of garbage behind it, and the pollution to the ecological environment should not be underestimated. On the one hand, there is fierce competition in the express packaging industry. In order to save costs, some bad businesses use a large number of recycled materials recovered from chemical waste, medical waste and domestic waste to produce packaging plastic bags, which is itself a "poison", which is a serious threat to the human body. On the other hand, paper packages printed with inferior ink, foam fillers and plastic bags in express delivery, once buried, will be difficult to decompose for a century, and incineration will produce harmful gases, which will do great harm

the problem of express waste has gradually attracted the attention of all sectors of society. Some experts believe that "the waste pollution caused by express packaging involves many reasons, such as lagging behind policies and regulations and industry standards, lagging behind garbage recycling and treatment, and inadequate express transportation management." The harm caused by express waste requires the efforts of the state, enterprises and individuals

it is understood that our country has also issued a series of policies to solve the above problems through the development of Green Express. In August 2016, the State Post Bureau issued the implementation plan for promoting green packaging in the express industry, proposing that by 2020, packaging materials with toxic and harmful substances exceeding the standard should be basically eliminated, and a socialized express package recycling system should be basically established

the problem of express waste cannot be solved overnight, which requires the joint efforts of consumers, e-commerce and express enterprises (2.0mm); Suzuki (ABP ⑴ 520new power. At present, many express packages used by e-commerce can't exchange energy with their environment. The packaging materials are customized and lack industry standards. Therefore, it is urgent to establish and improve relevant laws and regulations to clarify the environmental protection standards of transportation packaging in the express industry and the quantity standards of non degradable materials used in packaging.

in addition, the government also needs to guide from the overall situation, which can be adjusted through tax leverage Save the market behavior of express packaging, increase the cost of non degradable materials, and urge merchants to use packaging materials with caution or recycle them; Second, improve the rules and systems, and give subsidies to enterprises that actively use environmental protection materials when necessary

with the increasing pressure of environmental protection, many people are worried while buying. If express packaging is no longer a pollutant, people will really enjoy shopping. It is believed that with the joint efforts of the state, social enterprises and individuals, express packaging will achieve a magnificent turn of greening, reduction and recycling

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