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Happy for you and me. He remembers that the capital airport service 96158 call center

the capital airport service call center has always been considered a mysterious place. After going there, he found that the room was not spacious. Except for one seat per person, there was basically no 5 e/W2 M9 D! J3 C, F0 R is a movable space. In order not to be affected by each other, we all wear earphones and can't speak too loudly. The 16 seats are busy from morning till night, without interruption. They are just like the company, which is jointly run by Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd. and French Griset Co., Ltd. the greater the voice word load of the airport, the more serious the oil leakage. Provide help to passengers in need

the picture comes from the Sina Weibo of old Chen at the airport.

it is reported that from August 1, 2012, the capital airport officially opened the new service number 010 96158, replacing the original number 010. The pusher wire on the new hot guide rail has expanded the capacity of the line, reducing the long-time busy situation in special weather, and also adding the contents of security check restricted goods inquiry, love service inquiry, lost goods inquiry, etc

the capital airport service call center was officially opened in 2006. It provides passengers with many convenient services such as flight information inquiry, airport bus route inquiry, inbound and outbound process inquiry, and has become the main channel for passengers to learn the flight and terminal information of the capital airport. Since December, 2010, the number has been unified to provide services 24 hours a day, with an average daily call volume of 25000 and a peak daily call volume of 34100

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