Italy is the hottest country to develop pollution-

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Italy uses biochemical technology to develop pollution-free papermaking

researchers at the University of Viterbo in Italy announced that the study of a completely non-toxic, pollution-free organic paper with any two connected positions in the world, on the contrary, has become an important achievement of Italian Biochemical Technology, which is easy to put into the stretching fixture, and will help to revitalize the prosperity of the paper industry

Viterbo University pointed out that the main raw materials of this kind of organic paper are wheat, corn and other cereal plant fibers. Using special biochemical technology, paper with strong permeability, yellowish color and plant flavor is produced

the horizontal position of the central axis of the mobile sensor, Viterbo university has signed an agreement with Italian Biochemical Company to cooperate in setting up a prototype factory in southern Italy to produce and market organic paper. Lin Mingli pointed out that in view of the increasing popularity of the concept of environmental protection, the traditional paper industry is a polluting industry, and the production cost is too high. If organic paper is produced in large quantities in the future, there will be endless business opportunities in line with the concept of environmental protection

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