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Call Center Manager: it's time to pay attention to the needs of consumers

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on October 8 (compiled/Lao Qin): today's consumers demand more than ever before. They want what they want - respond immediately with a smile. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The contact center just needs to be more attentive. The loss rate of seats or low morale may have troubled managers in the call center. If you still want to succeed, today you need to focus on how consumers feel and how they view the company

the fracture of the sample is always broken on both sides

a new study from bold chat shows that the industry has not changed. We see that the customer experience is getting worse rather than better. The contact center is completely divorced from reality according to the needs of the project

after a global survey of call center managers and consumers, the study found that consumers felt that six interactions were needed to solve a problem, while call center managers believed that only one or two interactions were enough

worse, about this inconsistency, not only are consumers losing their loyalty to the enterprise, but as high as 82% even say that if they have a bad experience, they will try their best to prevent others from doing business with the enterprise

the frustration caused by IVR and limited seat visits will worsen the customer experience and threaten the sustainable development and revenue growth of the enterprise

people moving towards Dezhou/Liaocheng don't want to talk with the seats on the, they want the problem to be solved faster. Whether through voice, social media, or instant chat

78% of the respondents said that they would be willing to use non voice channels for interaction. If they knew a solution, they would try it at the first time

according to this study, consumers are even interested in the latest channels, such as IOT, using mobile apps for customer care, as long as they can meet their needs

because if customers have a bad experience, they will stop doing business with this enterprise. The key is that the enterprise needs to determine the friction points in the process of solving the long-term small messy situation, and provide tools and technologies from pre-sales to after-sales to help improve the overall customer experience. Ken landoline, chief analyst of ovum customer interaction, said

the current problem is that call center managers and consumers are not at the same cognitive level, and every interaction today is important

david Campbell, vice president of log mein customer engagement and support solutions, also pointed out that most contact centers are difficult to meet these expectations because they are limited by legacy systems that are out of touch with reality. We see that many visionary enterprises are working hard to overcome these challenges, giving priority to investing in solutions and unifying their interaction strategies in traditional and digital channels

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