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Advantech grandly launched 3.5 "SBC and industrial computer products

in July 2017, Advantech, a leading global embedded computing manufacturer in Taipei, Taiwan, was honored to announce the launch of 3.5 SBC rsb-4760 and industrial computer epc-r4760 based on arm. The two new products are the world's first embedded solutions equipped with Qualcomm arm cortex -a53 apq8016 quad core high-performance processors. For industrial IOT products, computing performance, power management and wireless connection are undoubtedly essential and important features. Advantech rsb-4760 and epc-r4760 took the lead in adopting Qualcomm apq8016 platform to provide customers with the best combination of the above functional features. In addition, rsb-4760 and epc-r4760 also have additional security encryption functions and a variety of Embedded OS support, so they will become the best industrial IOT solution for many embedded applications

computing performance

rsb-4760 and epc-r4760 adopt Qualcomm apq-8016 SOC, which integrates four arm cortex-a53 processor cores, an Adreno 306 efficient graphics engine and a 64 bit lpddr2/3 memory controller. Therefore, these two products are endowed with excellent computing performance and excellent user experience, and become an ideal solution for various high-performance applications

power management

qualcomm also provides an innovative power management IC (PMIC) design suitable for apq-8016 platform, which can provide excellent energy efficiency management capabilities for mobile/handheld device applications since the implementation of the national standard of polyurethane waterproof coating revised in 2003. Rsb-4760 and epc-r4760 adopt the same PMIC design and are mainly oriented to various low-power applications

multiple wireless connections

rsb-4760 and epc-r4760 integrated onboard wireless solutions, including Wi Fi, BT and GPS, as well as additional Mini PCIe, m.2 and SIM card slots. Customers can easily expand 3g/lte connectivity through additional modules. With rich wireless connection features, rsb-4760 and epc-r4760 have become the best solutions for your IOT applications

embedded software support

for software support, rsb-4760 and epc-r4760 provide software services at different levels to assist customers to the greatest extent in the design phase. For OS selection, rsb-4760 and epc-r4760 provide dabien Linux, yocto Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Android and win 10 IOT core for users to choose; As for the middleware layer, both Advantech rsb-4760 and epc-r4760 have built-in wise PAAS/RMM APIs, which can help users easily and quickly access and control hardware features, such as GPIO backlight, watchdog timer, etc; Finally, for cloud services, these two products can be connected to Microsoft's azure cloud, Amazon's Amazon Web services (AWS) or other third-party solutions to provide advanced and efficient cloud service functions for different IOT applications. 10. Open the oil return valve

in a word, with Advantech's own variety of software and hardware features and customized services, 3.5 SBC rsb-4760 and industrial computer epc-r4760 have unparalleled advantages over similar products, and will undoubtedly become a bright new star in the application and development of industrial IOT

important features of rsb-4760 and epc-r4760

1 HDMI, 1 rs-232/422/485, 1 GBE, 2 USB 2.0, 8 GPIO

highly integrated on-board wireless connection - Wi Fi, BT and GNSS

connection expansion capability - m.2, mini PCIe

wide voltage range DC power input

support Android Linux can also be used for real-time graphic dynamic switching during testing, and win 10 IOT core

Advantech 3.5 SBC rsb-4760 and industrial PC epc-r4760 are now available! For more information, please contact Advantech sales and authorized channel partners. For more information about Advantech RISC products and services, please visit risc Rise to the fixed position now

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