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Advantech sincerely invites you to join 2013 IAS

Advantech. In October 2013, Advantech, the world's leading provider of innovative embedded industrial computers and automation solutions, will appear at the 2013 China International Industry Expo Industrial Automation Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as 2013 IAS). 2013 IAS will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 5 to 9, and Advantech booth is located at W1 exhibition hall b065

this time, Advantech will bring a new visual experience to the audience, with the application of computer information processing and IOT technology to realize the display of intelligent factory as the main axis. Star products and solutions will be presented together, and the intelligent factory solutions will be presented dynamically, including production and manufacturing execution system, robot image positioning and detection integration system, equipment connection and equipment status monitoring, unmanned carrier and wireless monitoring, intelligent visual detection of production line Intelligent production line and batch control, remote equipment and controller monitoring and management, etc. Welcome new and old friends to visit and exchange at Advantech booth

Advantech invites you to join 2013 ias:w1 hall b065

in addition to rich theme exhibitions, we also specially arrange application experience and interactive activities, and look forward to your attention and participation

activity 1: Advantech estore goes online. Those who register members on site and pass the verification can exchange their business cards for membership bags. The first 100 successful registrants each day can also get a beautiful gift. At the same time, during the exhibition, if you register for Advantech estore to go to the mall, you will have the opportunity to win HTC, mini iPad and other gifts

activity 2: you can get a set of WebAccess software if you sign up to buy Yanhua's designated products on site

for more activities, welcome to Advantech booth W1 b065

please refer to the invitation letter of Advantech for the way to receive free tickets: it is used to test the compressive strength, tensile strength, impact resistance toughness, bending strength and other properties of products. If it is used in engineering, the plate is prone to warpage and deformation HTM

Advantech booth: several common faults of W1 hydraulic universal testing machine exhibition hall b065 exhibition time: November 5-9, 2013 exhibition venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Advantech official Weibo, watching the latest technical trends and information:

about Advantech

founded in 1983, Advantech is a leading and reliable innovative embedded and automation product solution provider with higher cost performance, Provide complete system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services and global logistics support. Advantech is also a premier member of the Intel embedded Communications Alliance. Through close cooperation with solution partners, it provides complete solutions for various industrial applications. With more than 6000 full-time employees, Advantech has formed an extensive technical support and marketing network between 20 countries and 91 major cities, so it can provide fast listing services for customers around the world. Please check for more information

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