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Countermeasures for printing and packaging enterprises to enhance customer brand competitiveness

with the increasingly fierce competition in the daily chemical industry, brands increasingly affect consumers' purchase behavior of daily chemical products. Brand owners of daily chemical products are also willing to invest a lot in various media to publicize their brand views and values, hoping to guide consumers to choose and be loyal to their brands

when consumers are faced with a wide range of goods on supermarket shelves, purchase decisions and behaviors often take only a few seconds. Generally speaking, when you are pushing a shopping cart past a product, its appearance does not stop you, so it is impossible for you to take it in your hand and put it into the shopping cart. At this time, the packaging of products has become the last weapon to seize consumers. Usually, the inspection of pipes will include many contents, so successful daily chemical brands not only pay attention to the publicity on various media, but also pay more attention to the shelf effect of products. Especially when new products are launched, a package that can stand out from many similar products on the shelf and firmly lock the eyes of consumers is very important for the marketing of new products

when visiting the packaging and printing enterprises of service brands, I found that many far sighted bosses have realized the importance of transformation. They felt that the packaging and printing enterprise should not be just a manufacturer of boxes, labels or plastic bags, but should be transformed into a packaging solution supplier for brand owners, and should assist brand owners to complete brand management and improve brand value. It is very difficult to change the concept, but how to do it is the real test of enterprise managers. Packaging and printing enterprises can try the following aspects for brand management

1. Starting with color, improve color consistency

color should be the best thing that packaging and printing enterprises are good at, and it is also the most important way to express products on the shelf. The special color of the brand must be completely consistent in different packaging forms, different product series, and even different sales locations. (insert pictures with different colors of soft packages and color boxes in the PPT). For example, Coca-Cola's red, head & shoulders 7. according to the stress ratio, it can be divided into: blue for symmetrical fatigue test, orange for tide, etc. Different packaging methods use completely different materials and printing methods

if the enterprise considers this problem from the perspective of packaging solutions, because different testing methods have their own specified parameters, the packaging enterprise should completely provide the brand with the same color service of all packages such as cartons, color boxes, plastic flexible packaging and labels. At present, the pre press color management of packaging in the market is often limited to a specific printing method, but Esko's packaging and pre press solutions can cover glue, concave, convex (including flexo), silk and digital printing, provide overall color solutions for cartons, flexible packaging and labels, and assist packaging and printing enterprises to provide color consistency services for brands

2. Provide finished production services to ensure the consistency of design style

in addition to color, the consistency of finished design is also very important. Brands usually have a product image design department, which is responsible for formulating the overall appearance style of a specific series of products in a season. Then distribute the style guidelines to the subordinate design or finished production suppliers to complete the packaging and finished production of thousands of products in the whole season series. The final confirmed manuscripts will be distributed to each packaging and printing factory after pre press processing to complete the packaging and production. The reason why big brands have to go through such cumbersome steps and spend huge human and financial resources to complete the manuscript production is precisely because big brands are aware of the importance of consistency. Imagine that if consumers get the formula text size and font on two product packages of the same brand, their confidence in the brand will be reduced. Packaging and printing enterprises can use some automated content management tools and dynamic completion content production tools to provide completion production services for brands without increasing costs. For example, using Esko's dynamic content engine and plug-in tools can automatically complete the production of multi language packaging completion according to the design template, and help brands do a good job of consistency

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3 Provide management of digital assets

the final documents used for printing by brands are usually stored in printing houses and some plate making companies. In addition to this part of the documents, the brand also has structural design documents, product pictures taken, formula ingredients table, design guidelines and design elements, completion documents and many other documents managed by different suppliers. These documents are digital assets and belong to brands. Brands hope to have effective and reliable control over all digital assets

this can not only control the safe distribution of assets, but also improve the communication efficiency and asset reuse rate. Packaging and printing enterprises have the natural advantage of providing high-quality digital asset management for brands because they deal with the end of the supply chain. Enterprises only need to consciously pay attention to the needs of brands in digital asset management, and use some software and hardware tools to build digital asset management services, which can solve big problems for brands. Esko's holy system can fully connect prepress and production management systems, and provide digital asset management, approval management, and packaging project process management services based on the network platform, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of brand management

4. Provide project management

each brand will set up a packaging project manager to track the progress of the packaging project at any time and ensure that the packaging is delivered on time. Generally speaking, when each new product is ready to be launched on the market, the brand will set a shelf time, and then calculate the delivery time of each step from the shelf time and the time consumed in each link of the supply chain

for example, after 8 weeks, the structure development may be completed in the first week, the graphic design in the second week, the packaging production in the fourth week, the products in the sixth week, and the delivery logistics in the seventh week. Each link must accurately complete the task according to its own delivery date. Once a link is delayed, it will cause pressure on subsequent links. When the whole supply chain involves dozens of suppliers and the number of projects is hundreds, project tracking management becomes an extremely complex and cumbersome work. Similarly, Esko's Saint system can effectively manage packaging projects, provide real-time packaging process management based on the network platform, reduce the cost of brands and shorten the delivery cycle of finished products

5. With the improvement of customer requirements and the intensification of competition among packaging enterprises, the order volume of packaging is becoming smaller and smaller, the design is becoming more and more novel and complex, and more and more post-processing materials are applied. At the same time, the delivery time required by customers is getting shorter and shorter. Packaging enterprises are facing great cost pressure, and the order with 10000 printed sheets is already a long one. In order to win orders, packaging enterprises usually have to provide free physical proofing, which is a very time-consuming and expensive work. Esko's 3D Packaging simulation software, together with the 3D simulation that saint can provide to customers, can also submit order information directly on the page. Combined with digital printing equipment and Esko's Kongsberg small batch production equipment, it takes only 1-2 hours from the customer's order to cutting the real carton. It can not only shorten the waiting time of customers, but also greatly reduce the proofing cost of packaging enterprises. Esko's virtual shopping mall software can provide virtual shelf services, providing a reference for brand makers to accurately grasp the shelf effect of the final product

in a word, the development trend of the packaging industry must be that the product renewal cycle is getting shorter and shorter, the process is getting more and more, the order quantity is getting smaller and more. Packaging enterprise managers must change their thinking and define the future of the enterprise as a packaging solution supplier of brands. The above five points can provide limited help to enterprises. Bringing differentiated competitive advantages through innovation, ensuring the right color at the first time, maintaining profits without sacrificing service and quality, doing everything possible to shorten the production time, and cooperating with partners with professional knowledge must be a serious consideration for every negative manager

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