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Countermeasures for the development of China's paper machinery industry

the development of domestic paper machinery first lacks funds, and the lack of funds is closely related to the enterprise operation system. At present, in the domestic paper machinery market, the most active and fast-growing enterprises are almost private enterprises or joint-stock enterprises. State owned or collective enterprises should speed up the joint-stock system reform, try to clarify the property rights relationship, so that all enterprises have equal and fair opportunities to compete in the market. In terms of management, technology, marketing and service, the computer automatically calculates the outstanding enterprises according to the experimental parameters and conditions set at the beginning of the experiment, so that they can stand out as soon as possible, complete the accumulation of capital as soon as possible, and lay a solid foundation for further development

it is an urgent task for the industry and administrative departments to establish a standardized market so that well operated enterprises can be developed in general, and poorly operated enterprises can be eliminated. We should study and formulate relevant market game rules, and gradually form a market management system based on technical standards, regulations and other technical and economic barriers. When the property rights of enterprises are clarified and the rules of the market game are established, the development of enterprises can move towards a virtuous circle. At this time, the problem of funds for the development of domestic paper machinery can be truly implemented and a planned long-term investment can be obtained

the development of paper machinery cannot rely on national investment and loans for a long time, which can only address the symptoms rather than the root cause. It is one aspect to rely on the strength of enterprises to gradually invest, but it may be relatively slow. If domestic equipment can attract development funds in terms of market prospect, operation mechanism and standardization, private funds or foreign capital should be utilized

2. Technology and talents

the technical and management talents needed by the domestic paper machinery industry play a great role in the development of the industry, especially after the enterprise is scaled up and the products are upgraded, the requirements for technical and management talents will be higher. At present, the current situation in China is that many enterprise technicians are not equipped with complete equipment, and the level is not high, so they are not competent for technology. 3 LH m D600 m 0650 1a0 represents LH series, m18x1.5 thread, D60 plug, metric system, 650mm stroke, 4 ⑵ 0ma development and service of products with high output level, and optimization of product structure and performance

many enterprise technicians grew up when they used to make low-end products. When the performance and speed of products are improved, many previous knowledge and experience need to be updated and accumulated. The talent training of enterprises mainly depends on themselves, because the paper machinery technology needs to have deep relevant theories and skills, have strong professionalism and craftsmanship, and also need to constantly accumulate experience. This also requires technicians to have a higher level first, and then continue to explore and summarize in practice

3. Expand the international market

first, seek cooperation with large international companies to provide some support

second, expand the markets of developing countries and export complete sets. Through cooperation with large companies, we can accumulate a lot of experience in management and manufacturing, obtain some useful knowledge and information, and make full use of foreign management, capital, technology and other advantages. At the same time, there may be some capital accumulation to lay the foundation for further development. Developing the market of developing countries is because China's paper machinery has advantages in scale, price and technology, which is more suitable for the needs of the market. It can seek greater market space for domestic paper machinery and further complete the accumulation of capital

4. Seek accurate market positioning and strengthen division of labor

at present, most domestic paper machinery enterprises have the disadvantages of large and complete or small and complete, resulting in similar products, excessive price competition, uneven and unstable quality and performance, and it is difficult to reduce production costs. At present, the paper industry is in a period of high-grade and large-scale development, which is also a good opportunity for the paper machinery industry to adjust the industrial division of labor, even asset restructuring, and re seek market positioning. Their two volumes are the same. Because not a few enterprises, or even most enterprises, can not meet the requirements of paper manufacturers for mechanical products in terms of technology, quality, accuracy, debugging, and even processing cycle at this stage. Enterprises should actively adjust the structure, seek cooperation with enterprises with good market reputation and strong technical and management strength, learn from each other, so that large enterprises can more concentrate human and material resources for market development and technological development, and support enterprises to refine and do a good job in spare parts

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