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Countermeasures for the development of China's food packaging machinery industry

scale and collectivization: the production capacity of centralized enterprises continues to develop towards scale and collectivization in order to pursue economies of scale. At present, small and medium-sized enterprises are not strong enough in capital and technology, so they should not blindly introduce production lines, and the cooling circuit design is inappropriate. They can adopt the mode of providing spare parts production for large machinery enterprises

open up a new situation of product export: China's food and packaging machinery technology is moderate, cheap and good, which is very suitable for the economic conditions of developing countries and regions. In the future, the export prospects to these countries and regions are broad, and some equipment can also be exported to developed countries

improve the technical content of products: without good technology as the backing for the development of enterprises, it is impossible to go for a long time. Realize electromechanical integration and intellectualization, develop towards product informatization, introduce new technologies, and speed up the progress of ISO9000 certification of enterprises. Further improve the technical level, stability and reliability of the equipment. Only by facing the reality bravely, actively changing this state, improving product development ability and forming their own innovation ability can we catch up

strengthen the development and innovation of new products: most of China's food packaging machinery has been developed on the basis of using imported equipment for reference. For products that have a large gap with foreign countries or are blank, we should actively introduce technology, digest and absorb it, and gradually understand it to fully grasp it. We should learn from the products that have a certain foundation but have a certain gap with similar foreign products, strengthen the research of relevant key technologies and core technologies, and encourage development and innovation

develop food packaging machinery with strong demand: with the expansion of domestic demand for packaged food and the increase of export demand, at present, there are the following kinds of food packaging machinery with strong demand in the market to be developed

1. Beer and beverage filling equipment: experts believe that beer filling machinery equipment should focus on the development of medium-sized equipment with an annual output of 50000 tons and moderate development of large-scale equipment with an annual output of more than 100000 tons. The prospect of multifunctional and fully automated equipment with high speed, low loss, accurate measurement and automatic detection is promising. Beverage machinery should adapt to the development direction of centralized production of main agents and decentralized filling of beverages, and develop technology and equipment for on-site blending of beer and beverages

2. Complete sets of convenient food production and packaging equipment: the demand for complete sets of convenient food processing equipment and their products represented by instant noodles, instant porridge, dumplings, steamed stuffed buns and other production machinery is increasing. According to the domestic market survey, the direction of people's demand for convenience food is: nutritious, high-end products and good taste. The market prospect of traditional food processing and elderly and infant food processing equipment is also promising, and the relevant enterprises have a very high degree of automation, and the industry should focus on development

3. Slaughtering and meat processing and packaging machinery: Poultry and livestock slaughtering machinery, meat processing machinery, refined meat deep processing machinery and sub packaging machinery are the development direction. In particular, affordable shopping malls in large and medium-sized cities need to package and sell these products, and packaging machinery is urgently needed. In recent years, cities and rural areas have vigorously developed the one-stop breeding industry of feeding and slaughtering. It is urgent for us to cut off the power supply when adjusting the speed range. We need to improve the slaughtering, processing and packaging equipment for small and medium-sized poultry and livestock, purchase new large-scale slaughtering equipment, and develop segmented processing technology equipment, packaging equipment, ham, sausage and other refined processing and packaging machinery. The market prospect is also quite broad

4. Grain and edible oil deep processing packaging market: small and medium-sized grain packaging is popular in the market, and there is a great demand. The development of a series of packaging equipment suitable for materials in different states and different packaging weights has broad prospects

5. Fruit and vegetable processing and preservation technology and equipment: it is estimated that the future market demand for such products includes: vegetable and fruit grading technology and equipment, high-efficiency juicing technology and equipment, energy-saving concentration technology and equipment, such as: requiring a certain strength, anti-oxidation and anti-aging, etc., washed and selected bagged fresh fruits and vegetables, quick-frozen vegetables and dehydrated vegetables technology and equipment, greatly reducing the cost of fruits and vegetables, grain, meat, fish Processing machinery for the loss of food raw materials such as eggs adopts technology and equipment such as controlled atmosphere, Co60 radiation, vulcanization bed, new practical storage and preservation technology and equipment, and fruit and vegetable processing and preservation transportation chain equipment, such as controlled atmosphere preservation low-temperature storage equipment, refrigerated transport vehicles, refrigerated cabinets, kitchen refrigerators and other series of equipment

the future development of China's food machinery is still in the hands of many enterprises. With the support of the government's favorable policies, enterprises can only earnestly adhere to the above direction and take a long-term development path. I believe that in the near future, we can see new highlights of China's food machinery

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