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[research express] Nanhua instrument received two institutions such as Bank of China Fund for research

the news was released on January 25, 2019. On January 23, 2019, the company received two institutions, including Yang Yaoguang and Wu Songying of Foshan Nanhua Instrument Co., Ltd. the reception place was the conference room on the first floor of the company

main contents

1. What is the prosperity of the automotive testing equipment industry in the future? How about the industry in 2019? What is the growth rate of the whole market

answer: at present, there are 30million vehicles growing every year in China, and we are optimistic about the future market of vehicle testing equipment. The trend of the industry in 2019 is good. The growth rate of the whole market is difficult to estimate

2. What are the advantages of anche, Nanhua and Huayan

answer: the main advantages of Nanhua are: 1. Price advantage. The products of each station on the testing line are produced by themselves; 2. Convenient and timely service; 3. Manufacturing quality and process of equipment; 4. Cost control, etc

3. When the three companies compete at the same time, does everyone look at the price

answer: not necessarily. It depends on different regions and occasions

4. Can you talk about the future development direction of the company

answer: the company uses the existing technology to develop from the field of automobile detection to environmental protection, which has a large market capacity

5. How does the company view the risks of the current automobile testing industry

answer: at present, there is no great risk in the automobile testing industry. The requirements of national standards for automobile testing are becoming more and more strict, which also brings about the upgrading of products

6. What aspects do customers pay more attention to when choosing your car detection system products

answer: the detection system products include hardware and software. The hardware part pays attention to the stability of its performance and quality, while the software part pays more attention to the reliability and rationality of human-computer interaction

7. How does the company view the six-year inspection exemption? Will there be a concentrated outbreak of testing demand after 6 years

answer: the Ministry of public security and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China jointly issued the "opinions on strengthening and improving motor vehicle inspection is the first in China" which has been implemented since September 1, 2014. The six-year inspection exemption is to postpone the testing demand and solve the problem of difficult testing at that time. After six years, the demand may increase, but the number of new testing stations has increased, which should meet the testing demand

8. How many years has the company's environmental monitoring equipment for organic volatiles been developed? What's different from the company's traditional equipment

answer: the company has been engaged in the research and development of this product for more than three years. Compared with traditional products, it is similar in technology, but the target market is different. This product can monitor the emissions of small and medium-sized enterprises, and has a wide range of applications

reception detailed object serial number reception object type institution related personnel 1 Bank of China Management Co., Ltd. fund management company Yang Qingyun 2 Guosheng Securities Co., Ltd. securities company Yang Xincheng

in recent years, the external conditions of the current experiment 1 can be reflected in the report, The company's access to institutional research is shown in the following table:

research date date the impact of reception injection pressure and pressure holding pressure will disappear. The number of institutions, reception methods, reception personnel, reception location, research, rise and fall after three months (%). Specific object research, Foshan Nanhua instrument shares Meeting room on the first floor of the company - specific object research Yang Yaoguang, Wu Songying, meeting room on the first floor of Nanhua instrument company -0 Research on specific objects Yang Yaoguang, Wu Songying, Lu Guan Conference room on the first floor of Nanhua instrument company -9 Research on specific objects Wu Songying, Lu Guanshi, conference room 4 on the first floor of Nanhua instrument company Specific object research, on-site visit to Wu Songying, Lu Guanshi, Nanhua instrument company, conference room 2.75

recently,,, and other companies have issued institutional research announcements, the specific situation is as follows: in the elastic section

code name, number of reception institutions, reception method, reception person, reception place, research date 002463, Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. 1 specific object research Qian Yuanjun - Yifan medicine 72 meeting director, board secretary Feng Meeting Hongqiang stock 1 specific object research Dong Jie, Yin Zhao Hongqiang stock Shenzhen Office Sinosteel international 4 specific object research Liu Zhiyan company 2602 conference room gibbet 1 other securities department managers, securities affairs Xiamen

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