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The production and application of building plastic products consume far less energy than other materials. For example, the production energy consumption of PVC is only 1,5 of steel and 1/8 of aluminum. Plastic doors and windows can save 30% - 50% of heating and air conditioning energy consumption. Therefore, the promotion and application of plastic formwork in the formwork market is an important measure to "replace wood with plastic", "replace steel with plastic", save resources and energy consumption. Plastic formwork has been deeply studied abroad. German MEVA formwork company has developed steel frame plastic formwork with turnover times of more than 500 times in 2002. It is convenient to clean and repair, and the formwork is light in weight. However, the initial investment is high, which is mainly used for leasing, so it is not easy to promote. Therefore, the composite plastic template, which can greatly reduce the cost, has become an important research content in the plastic template

the composite plastic formwork uses waste plastics as the main raw materials. These wastes are classified according to polyethylene and polypropylene, and then the proportion is tested. After testing their physical properties and compatibility, they are mixed reasonably, crushed into particles, and then added with flame-retardant, high temperature resistant, cold resistant, impact resistant, and bending resistant materials as required, which are molded at one time through the injection molding process in the molten state

composite plastic plate

epic group company of Slovenia has developed epic plastic template system. This kind of template is a composite material with polypropylene as the base material and special fiber reinforcement, which is molded by injection molding. The whole template system is composed of 7 kinds of templates and 25 kinds of connectors. The formwork and connectors are made of composite materials. The formwork system is relatively complete, and the bearing capacity can reach 40kN/MZ. It is suitable for formwork engineering of foundation, wall, column, floor and other structures. The assembly and disassembly speed is fast and the construction is simple. The mass of the template together with the connector is only 18-22kg/MZ, and the maximum template mass is only 17.6k. Do you know the role of the pulse fatigue testing machine? g. The total mass of 100mz formwork and connectors is only 22kn. In terms of handling, it saves manpower, has low labor intensity, and can be used for more than 300 times. After scrapping, it can be recycled completely, and then made into a new formwork by the manufacturer

the price of glass in China has increased by 40%. The currently developed composite plastic formwork has good integrity, with a water absorption expansion rate of less than 0.06%, and removes the residues in the oil tank. It will not be layered after long-term immersion in water, which can maintain a stable plate size. With high surface hardness and good toughness, it can be used normally at a temperature of - 600C - 130 ℃, and has good processing performance. It can adopt any connection combination, and can bear various construction loads. It is non explosive during construction. At the same time, the composite plastic formwork is water-resistant, acid resistant, friction resistant, easy to clean, and has a long service life. The aging degree of 6 years is only 15%. Generally, it can be used normally for more than 8 years, and the turnover times exceed 100 times. Moreover, the composite plastic formwork is light in weight, convenient in construction, fast in disassembly and assembly, saves manpower and man hours, is conducive to the organization of construction, effectively improves the construction speed, and has broad development space compared with foreign counterparts

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