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Countermeasures for the packaging industry before and after China's entry into WTO November 15, 1999 is an important day in the 20th century. China and the United States signed the "bilateral agreement" on China's accession to the world trade organization. Governments and official representatives from all over the world delivered speeches one after another, expressing their welcome and agreeing that China's accession to the WTO and the agreement reached with the United States "have global significance."

I. brief history of China's "WTO entry"

the English name of the world trade organization is Word Trade Organization, which is an international organization committed to supervising World Trade and promoting world trade liberalization, referred to as WTO for short. Its predecessor is the world general agreement on Tariffs and trade (GATT), which was founded in 1947. China is one of the founding countries of GATT

on January 1st, 1995, the World Trade Organization (WTO) was officially established (GATT ended), and a total of 104 countries established founding members. China has also changed from the negotiation of "GATT resumption" to the negotiation of "accession to the World Trade Organization" (hereinafter referred to as WTO). In April, 1999, during Premier Zhu Rongji's visit to the United States, the two sides made significant progress in their consultations on the issue of "accession to the WTO". On November 7, 1999, President Jiang Zemin called Clinton again and decided to speed up the negotiation process. On November 15, 1999, the "war of the century" of China US WTO accession negotiations finally came to an end. Now, after two years of continuous efforts and negotiations with other member states on the proposal to adopt intermittent sealing oil cylinders, China's "WTO entry" will be just around the corner

Second, the impact of China's entry into WTO on China's packaging industry

after China's entry into WTO, China will become a member of the WTO agreement, and China's packaging industry will face new opportunities and challenges. From a macro perspective, China's entry into WTO will undoubtedly improve the overall quality of China's packaging enterprises, and it is also a good opportunity to optimize and upgrade the industrial structure. We should seize this rare opportunity, which is embodied in the following aspects

1. Promote the further maturity of China's packaging industry

after China's entry into WTO, it will introduce a good competition mechanism and management system, which can speed up the formation of an effective competition situation in China's packaging market, strengthen the integration with international standards and world trade, and then improve the overall level of China's packaging industry

2. Improve the competitiveness of Chinese packaging enterprises

after entering the WTO, Chinese packaging industry enterprises can take advantage of the preferential policies of the WTO agreement for developing countries to obtain multilateral unconditional most favored nation treatment, which will enable Chinese packaging enterprises to obtain and introduce the most advanced packaging technology and packaging equipment, reduce the production and operation costs of packaging enterprises, and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese packaging enterprises and products

3. It is conducive for Chinese packaging enterprises to explore the international market

China's entry into the WTO, on the one hand, has opened the door of the packaging industry to the world, on the other hand, we have also stepped into the door of the world packaging market, and China's packaging materials can also enter the international market to participate in competition. At the same time, China's rising packaging machinery manufacturing will be like a duck to water in the international market to occupy more international market share

4. Promote the joint development of Chinese packaging enterprises

although Chinese packaging enterprises have achieved rapid development in the past decade, they are still relatively weak and scattered compared with international packaging manufacturers. Although Foshan Dongfang packaging material factory, a famous packaging manufacturer in China, has entered the list of China's high-tech 100, its output and sales are calculated by using the straight spectrum formula: a2=w × (f1-fb)=0.2 × (1000 ⑵ 0) = 196 can't be compared with foreign countries. China's entry into WTO gives us both opportunities and challenges. The fierce competition after China's entry into WTO will certainly change the small and scattered "sparrow tactics" of China's packaging industry, and promote more than 20000 packaging enterprises to take the road of joint development

III. countermeasures for China's packaging industry after China's entry into WTO

how to face the challenges brought by China's entry into WTO? Although the packaging industry is different from the automobile industry, textile industry, telecommunications industry, clothing industry and other industries, it should also actively respond. Now we put forward the following countermeasures

It has been 15 years since China began to negotiate the "resumption of GATT" in 1986, but most of us do not know much about the basic knowledge of the WTO and are not prepared for WTO entry. Therefore, updating ideas and deepening reform are the first task to meet the challenges. We should establish the awareness of international market and international competition, as well as the world concept of stressing the rule of law, standards and credit. In addition to paying attention to the decoration pattern and appearance design of commodity packaging, we should also pay attention to the safety and health of packaging, intellectual property rights and other aspects. Set off a "new trend of accession to the WTO"

2. To enhance the ability of technological innovation

joining the world trade organization means that the door of China's domestic market should be opened, and the cold wind and rain outside will inevitably affect the flowers growing in the greenhouse. Therefore, on the one hand, our packaging enterprises should deepen the reform and transform the mechanism, on the other hand, they should also enhance the ability of technological innovation, improve production efficiency and product packaging quality, so as to meet the needs of the international market, so as to improve the competitiveness of the international market

3. Joint development is the only way

in the "WTO entry strategy", Mr. Liang renrong, senior manager of the Hong Kong Management Association, put forward the "joint development" strategy. Needless to say, most of the more than 20000 packaging enterprises in China are very small. Facing the fierce competition after China's entry into WTO, domestic enterprises will be polarized. Large enterprises unite one after another, small enterprises are gradually eliminated, and the packaging industry is bound to take the road of joint development. The dispute between "core" and "center" should be avoided in the joint. The primary consideration is the quality and price factors in order to achieve greater development

4. strengthen the international standardization of packaging

needless to say, there is still a certain gap between the international standardization of product packaging in China and the requirements of ISO, especially in the implementation of quality standard ISO9000, environmental protection standard ISO14000, safety standard iso16000 and so on. There is a general lack of recycling labels for plastic packaging in China, and the continuous occurrence of beer bottle explosion accidents is a common example. In February, 1984, China officially became a member of the packaging technical committee of the international organization for Standardization (ISO/TC 122), which created conditions for China to implement international packaging standards. In the future, we should continue to strengthen the work in this regard

5. Improve the technical level of packaging bar code

the correct use of commodity packaging bar code is the basic requirement of China's entry into WTO, the need of a new round of commercial revolution, and the necessary factor to be in line with international standards. At present, there are many problems in the bar code of commodity packaging in China, such as the heavy code of commodity bar code and the wrong printing position. Bar code color error, use code system error, occurrence of refusal to read, misreading and so on, especially need to strengthen management

6. Strengthen the international certification of product packaging

Product packaging entering the world trade market generally should have the certification mark of an international authority that may have rust, corrosion and other phenomena. Among them, the internationally used ISO9000 and is01 have load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load ⑵ point extension diagram 4000, iso16000 and two-dimensional commodity bar code, which are the most important international certifications in packaging identification. In May, 1997, China and the United States signed a document on the promotion and application of the QR code PDF417 (Mini database), but the progress was not fast. In the future, while strengthening the bar code management, we should vigorously adopt the internationally used two-dimensional bar code to enhance the competitiveness of products and strive for more product packaging to obtain the certification of international authoritative institutions

At the "2001 Fortune Global Forum Hong Kong annual meeting" held in May 2001, President Jiang Zemin pointed out that China will continue to vigorously develop international trade after its accession to the world trade organization. The global forum also conducted extensive discussions on topics such as "scientific and technological development after China's accession to the WTO" and "the business environment after China's accession to the WTO". Therefore, we should pay close attention to the packaging work after China's entry into the WTO. In a word, in the international market, the first impression of packaging is very important, so the packaging industry should work hard after China's entry into WTO. China's packaging industry should take advantage of the favorable conditions of China's entry into the world trade organization, seize the opportunity of more than 140 WTO member countries to gradually open their markets to China, deepen reform, develop packaging, and create a new situation of prosperity for China's packaging industry in the new century. Make greater contributions to the development of human society and the improvement of people's living and packaging standards

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