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The research group of the State Council went to pujieneng Chemical Co., Ltd. for research. On March 20, the research group of the State Council led by Hu Jianping, deputy director of the market construction Department of the Ministry of Commerce, which realized the overall growth of the orders of injection molding machines, film blow molding machines, extruders, molding machines and other auxiliary equipment in the region that year, went deep into the research and guidance work of pujieneng Chemical Co., Ltd. to understand the epidemic prevention and control of enterprises and the resumption of production since 2011. Tian Yumin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of pujieneng chemical company, reported the relevant situation. Hu Jianping, who was used to test the mechanical properties of technical materials, came to Pu Jieneng exhibition hall to learn about the basic situation of the enterprise. In the conference room on the first floor of the company's office building, the members of the research team watched the special video on epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production of pujieneng chemical company, understood in detail the specific measures and results of the company's epidemic prevention and control work, as well as the safety management, production and operation, product sales, etc., and asked about the difficulties encountered by the company during the resumption of work and stable production

Hu Jianping affirmed the phased achievements of "zero infection and zero suspicion" achieved by pujieneng chemical company during the epidemic prevention and control period, went all out to ensure the production and supply of basic materials for front-line protection materials and promote the stability of resumption of work, and pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control is not over, and enterprises should strictly implement the general requirements of the CPC Central Committee for epidemic prevention and control, strictly prevent and adhere to them, and ensure the safety of employees. At the same time, we should further do a good job in the resumption of work and production, take multiple measures at the same time, and promote the recovery and development of local economy. (Cao Yating, Shen Yanlong)

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