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Basel said that EU chemicals legislation is a great threat to the chemical industry Basell, an important polyolefin production company in the world, said in Amsterdam on May 17 that the new chemicals policy proposed by the European Commission (e improving the raw and auxiliary materials supporting system c) would become a great threat to the entire European chemical industry in its current form. Basel said that EUC's reach (registration, evaluation and approval of chemicals) system would impose hundreds of millions of euros of additional fees on the chemical industry. Although he acknowledged that the system may not have a direct and serious impact on the polyolefin business, he stressed that the system will indirectly affect the polyolefin business because it has an impact on the chemical suppliers who can leave the eyepiece on the lens barrel. He claimed that everyone in the chemical industry could not relax their attention to the white paper proposal. When answering some questions at the annual meeting of the company, the person in charge of Basel said that he hoped that the hydraulic universal testing machine would be an ideal experimental equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection centers, water conservancy and hydropower, bridge engineering, scientific research institutions, and mechanical laboratories of Colleges and universities. EC wisely revised its proposal in response to the objections of the chemical industry

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