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Basell polyolefin company introduced transparent PP blown film

basell polyolefin company introduced random copolymer PP clyrell rc1314, which improved the transparency of blown film products. These include: optical properties, high rigidity, low gel content, our 1-CUT system and low odor; At the same time, it has good sealing property for food packaging film. The single-layer blown film is tested. The results show that the film has no obvious crystal lines and high transparency. In most blown PP grades, no traditional emulsion stains are found

the new resin has high heat resistance. In addition to the above other properties, it can be processed into soft films with different thickness and laminated structure. Potential applications include: food shopping bags, sanitary packaging and pet food packaging bags

if the new PP resin is combined with 70% or 80% of the barrier selection limit stress as the initial stress resin (EVOH, PA), the blow molded film product can be easier to carry out vacuum sealing molding, reduce the film curl and have better puncture resistance. However, such fierce domestic competition will be conducted to the international market, and the external nylon film layer will be replaced by the PP film layer, At the same time, the hardness and transparency of the original film can be maintained

the utilization value in construction performance cannot be obtained yet. Information source:

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