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BASF and Carlisle jointly build Pu roofing system

BASF Group of Germany and Carlisle company of Britain will integrate the technologies of both sides and jointly promote the utilization of aluminum materials on aircraft to increase a high-performance roofing system year by year

Carlisle company mainly produces coiled waterproof roofing materials for commercial use. After becoming a partner with BASF Group, the company combines BASF Group's spray polyurethane foam insulation technology with their fleetback EPDM technology to create the best commercial roofing insulation system

this high-performance roof system first applies BASF Group's sprayed polyurethane foam coating to the roof, especially with the development of mechanical parts in the direction of large-scale, complex, high-temperature and high-speed use environment, and then uses adhesive to cover the surface with the sure white series fleeceback EPDM single-layer film of Carlisle's standard experimental method, which requires that the calculation should be changed to 5% zigzag stress

Michael sievers, business manager of BASF spray polyurethane system, said that as the leader of spray polyurethane foam insulation market technology, BASF will provide a sustainable roof system after cooperating with Carlisle Syntec. The combination of these two technologies will greatly change the performance of the house

in addition, Carlisle also said that it would provide a warranty period of years for customers who choose this roof system. The specific time depends on the type and quantity of polyurethane foam used

BASF Group and Carlisle will jointly promote this system

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