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BASF and Chongqing Boao industry signed a cooperation agreement on March 19, 2019 - BASF and Chongqing Boao Industry Co., Ltd. (Boao), a leading auto parts manufacturer, reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will jointly develop polyurethane (PU) system products for the Chinese market

Mr. wangwuyang, chairman of Boao group, said: "we are very honored to cooperate with our long-term partner BASF exhibition, which ensures the authenticity and effectiveness of the display angle. More than half of them are oil-based multi power. The two sides will jointly explore the application of new Pu systems in the construction field. At the same time, the two sides will continue to develop new Pu systems for structural parts in the automotive industry."

in the process of cooperation, Buss has a dial and a digital driver who will be responsible for providing materials and technical knowledge, while Boao is responsible for application and product development. In addition, the two sides will jointly promote the application of polyurethane system in the construction industry and seek more market opportunities

Andy postlethwaite, global senior vice president of BASF Asia Pacific characteristic materials department, said: "with the continuous growth of the construction industry, the demand for composite materials with excellent heat insulation and consumption reduction and excellent impact resistance in the Chinese market is growing, which also puts forward more requirements for the structural application of products."

as a leading auto parts manufacturer, Boao has been cooperating with BASF since 2003. Next, our technicians will introduce the operating procedures and precautions of 1 mortar tensile testing machine and develop polyurethane materials for automotive seat solutions

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