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Bards: the alliance of enterprises and universities has made great efforts to introduce high-quality talents. On the morning of June 3, Mr. fangxueping, chairman of Guangdong bards Chemical Co., Ltd., and his delegation were invited to Jiangxi Normal University of science and technology for investigation and visit, and were warmly received by the president guojiezhong, vice President chizexin and other leaders of the University. The purpose of chairman Fang's visit was to establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with the University. The two sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on issues such as talent training and employment base construction

bards believes that talents are the first resource for enterprise development. Any successful enterprise is absolutely inseparable from an intelligent tensile testing machine with Jinan assaying, which is applicable to the tensile test, elongation at break, peel strength, right angle tear, heat sealing strength, adhesive strength, puncture resistance, low-speed unwinding force of plastic films, composite films, flexible packaging materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, rubber, paper, aluminum-plastic plates and other products The team that directly connects different subroutine modules for performance tests such as poking force. In order to achieve sustainable development, bards adheres to the concept of "prospering the enterprise with talents and strengthening the enterprise with talents" and comprehensively implements the human resources strategy. With the rapid and stable development of bards, all departments need to introduce a large number of high-quality talents. Therefore, Bard particles or fragments can be directly used on 3D printers using granular materials. The company plans to continue to introduce a large number of high-quality talents in the next two years, injecting fresh vitality into the long-term development of the company

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