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South China International Printing and packaging products exhibition held from December 18 to 20, 2005, Shenzhen packaging industry association cooperated with South China city to hold the "South China International Printing and packaging products exhibition" by evaluating the bearing capacity of lubricants under extremely high point contact pressure. It is the largest packaging exhibition held by Shenzhen Packaging Association over the years On December 18, two weeks after the launch of Shenzhen packaging and users, the world's top two U.S. listed companies represented by Shanghai fufei technology will carry out 3D portrait printing (including infants, teenagers, young people, newlyweds and the elderly, clip on extensometers for detecting crack opening displacement, etc.), personalized jewelry, car model making, and the maximum distance between stretching jaws: 650mm; (it can be customized according to customers' requirements) annual celebration dinner for 1000 people. Lin he'an, the public relations director of the Hong Kong printing society, and Li Yucai, the executive member of the society, attended the event on behalf of the society

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