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South China city builds the country's first printing paper trading center

South China city builds the country's first printing paper trading center. The center will be put into trial operation next month, and the entry rate of phase I has reached 70%

yesterday, the person in charge of South China city learned that phase I of South China City printing paper packaging trading center will be officially put into trial operation on December 16, and the entry rate of phase I has reached 70%

last week, international well-known enterprises Heidelberg, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry printing press, big Japan screen, Ye's Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. have officially signed a contract to settle in the South China City printing paper packaging delivery CSS (4) 4300 electronic universal testing machine to test its room temperature 600 ℃ tensile performance easy center. In addition, a promotion conference jointly organized by the Philippine printing industry association and South China city was also held in Manila a a few days ago

the first phase covers an area of 100000 square meters

it is reported that South China International Printing paper packaging trading center is one of the five raw material trading centers of South China International Industrial raw materials city. It covers an area of 200000 square meters and is developed in two phases. Phase I covers an area of 100000 square meters. South China city is not only a direct selling base for paper and paper printing machinery and consumables manufacturers, but also a purchasing platform for paper brushing and packaging enterprises whose new mileage will reach more than 30000 kilometers in the next seven years. It is also a large trading center integrating trading, display, information exchange, warehousing, distribution, freight transportation, financial settlement and other functions. Its scale, professionalism and versatility can be called the first in China. Located in Pinghu logistics base in Shenzhen, South China city is 15 kilometers away from the central area of Shenzhen, bordering Huizhou in the East, Hong Kong in the south, and the vast hinterland of the Pearl River Delta in the West. It is located in the "central pole" of the economic radiation belt of the Pearl River Delta. It has three-dimensional transportation by sea, land and air, and has ten distinct advantages in transportation and logistics

provide a one-stop procurement platform

Guangdong, as the province with the fastest development of printing business and the strongest technical equipment in China, has more than 10000 enterprises, ranking first in the country, and the output value of printing industry accounts for 43% of the output value of national printing and packaging industry. Due to its proximity to Hong Kong and Macao, Shenzhen has many foreign-funded enterprises, large-scale enterprises and high-grade enterprises. It is the most developed region in the printing industry in the province and is recognized as one of the three major printing bases in China. At present, there are more than 1580 printing enterprises of all kinds, with 132000 employees. Although the number of enterprises accounts for only 0.8% of the national total, the total output value has reached 20% of the country, and more than 60% of domestic high-end publications have been printed. Moreover, some large printing enterprises also undertake a large number of overseas printing businesses, and their turnover even accounts for 90% of the company's total turnover

Zhang Xiangyu, vice president of Guangdong Printing Association, pointed out that as a real printing Province, Guangdong's matching printing material supply market is not commensurate with the concept of a printing province. The completion of South China city will provide a modern one-stop procurement platform for the printing industry in Shenzhen, the Pearl River Delta and even Guangdong Province, as well as for domestic and foreign printing material suppliers Buyers provide a display and trading platform to enter the domestic and international markets

take leasing as the property right management mode

printing paper packaging belongs to a highly professional industry, which requires the corresponding trading market to be highly professional. It is reported that the whole market of South China city adopts a combination of rent and sale, with only 30% of the exhibition space sold, and 70% of the property rights of the exhibition space are retained by the project investors and leased to the operating manufacturers in the form of leasing. The business philosophy of South China city is to build nests to attract Phoenix, release water to raise fish, and achieve win-win results

at present, Huanan city has transferred all the preferential policies of the government to the operators stationed in Huanan city to invest heavily in the business of Huanan city for continuous publicity and promotion, and plans to invest more than 600million yuan as the market cultivation fee within three years

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