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South China chemical market news

1. Plastic Market: due to the gentle follow-up of downstream demand and the spread of relatively high prices in South China, it is mainly the impact of traders pushing up shipments and the conflict between downstream manufacturers' high prices. On the contrary, the strengthening of East China and North China markets failed to play a role in promoting. Today, the overall market situation in South China is relatively calm, and the price remains at the pre holiday level, including linear 11100, polypropylene 11200 and low pressure 11400, High voltage 11200

2. Liquid chemical industry market: driven by higher oil prices and rising external prices, as well as the increased reluctance of traders to sell and the positive promotion of inquiries from downstream manufacturers, there are few resources to know about the customization of high-temperature testing machines in Jinan testing machine factory in the South China market, and traders multiply and raise prices, except for the price of dimethylbenzene, which temporarily maintains the pre holiday level due to more resources; The price of other products increased slightly by yuan/ton; The market prices are 7500 toluene, 7200 xylene, 8500 yuan tons of ethylene glycol, 6700 yuan of diethylene glycol and 10000 yuan/ton of styrene

3. Rubber Market: affected by the shortage of resources and the stability of downstream demand, the market in South China continues to strengthen today, and the price is firm and higher. For example, the tool in the repair process unexpectedly fell by 100 yuan/ton. Due to the lack of supply, the market in South China continues to heat up today, many traders continue to be reluctant to sell, and only some traders push up shipments, Affected by the tense atmosphere and increased demand, the market price in South China today also soared by 400 yuan/ton, at yuan/ton. Including runner and runner) is 50~80% of the maximum injection capacity of the injection molding machine

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