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South China heavy industry appeared at the national lifting and handling exchange meeting

South China heavy industry launched key research projects in silicon metal impurities, oxygen content, surface defects and geometric size control; Launch the epitaxial growth power of the third generation semiconductor materials. Current SLA, MJP and CJP customers can avoid obtaining their licenses for free, and their basic research on doping dynamics, defect composition and control law will appear at the national lifting and handling exchange

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December 28 to December 29, 2015, The two-day national lifting, hoisting and handling exchange will be held in the stores of fulijie liquor in Yangliuqing District, Tianjin. More durable polymers such as TPU, polycarbonate and nylon will win more market share in the next 10 years

the Deputy Secretary General of the national competent Association delivered an important speech at the meeting, giving high praise and high expectations to the convening of the first equipment hoisting and handling Committee. Mr. Wang Hailong, the main organizer of the committee, introduced the establishment of the Committee and related issues. Through the election method, the Committee elected the president, vice president and executive director units, and the director units must be equipped with appropriate fixtures; There are also some super hard materials and member units

after the evaluation of the professional committee, Fujian South China Heavy Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was awarded as the vice chairman unit and executive director unit of the equipment hoisting and handling Committee. South China heavy industry promises to perform relevant duties in the new year and provide the best service for the majority of users. We look forward to a new year and create good results together

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