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The 22nd printing South China, the top all-round printing exhibition in China -- "the 22nd printing South China" (hereinafter referred to as: the 22nd printing South China) will be held again in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair from March 9 to 11, 2015, gathering Chinese and foreign equipment suppliers, Professional display of advanced printing and packaging technology, processes and solutions

China's printing industry is growing rapidly, and there are unlimited business opportunities in the South China market.

relevant data show that by 2015, the total output value of China's printing industry will reach 440billion euros, which has been developing rapidly at an annual growth rate of more than 10% in the past 10 years, and the growth rate is much higher than that of more mature economies such as North America, Japan and Western Europe. This data shows that China is still the key market of the world's printing industry. As one of the four major printing industry bases in the world, South China is the concentration of China's most high-end printing. Combined with the industrial advantages of the central area of the Pan Pearl River Delta, there are more than 60000 printing enterprises, and the annual output value of the printing industry accounts for about 50% of the country. Coupled with its radiation influence on the Southeast Asian market, it has huge market purchasing power and broad development prospects, and is the focus of the national printing market. Business opportunities pangolin wire anti fragmentation makes it a perfect substitute infinite

the scale of the exhibition continues to upgrade. The exhibition has been launched in 2015.

South China International Printing Exhibition has developed rapidly in recent years, and its scale has expanded year by year. In 2014, 876 top enterprises from 17 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. In 2015, the scale of the exhibition continues to upgrade to 9 exhibition halls, which will create a professional exhibition platform for the printing industry at that time

the exhibition in 2014 was highly praised by exhibitors, who said they would continue to give full support to South China exhibition, and 90% of their regular customers reserved booths for next year. HP, MBO, haoyoufu, Fang bang, Lekai, Kelei, Huqiu, Guowei, Xinwei, Keqiang, Huayue, Zhongke, tiancen, Zhengrun, Nanjiang, Chengming, Hongming, Dragan, Jieming, Shengde Anxin, etc. all actively reserve in situ or expand the area. South China exhibition has become a grand event renowned in the industry. Since the 2015 exhibition was launched in May, the booth sales situation has been booming, and old customers have signed exhibition contracts

strong buyers at home and abroad are hot, and the return on investment of on-site exhibitors doubled

in 2014, 63997 visitors from 127 countries and regions were attracted, including India, Thailand, Malaysia, Britain, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, China, the United States, Argentina, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Turkey, Taiwan, China province of China, etc; The number of professional visiting groups increased. In 2014, the on-site organizers of the exhibition received more than 100 visiting groups at home and abroad, including overseas visiting groups from European and American Chambers of Commerce and industry, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam and other places, as well as professional buyer groups organized by printing and packaging associations in various provinces and cities across the country. Heavyweight buyers covered the whole industry chain

in the exhibition area of artistic innovation and creative brands where powerful printing enterprises gather for printing, Guangdong Printing and Reproduction Industry Association and large top 100 printing enterprises invited 20 award-winning enterprises from the first top ten most competitive printing enterprises and top ten honest printing enterprises in Guangdong Province, as well as other creative printing enterprises or independent innovative works, to participate in the exhibition at the exhibition site in 2014. Among them, Heshan yatushi, Shantou Dongfeng, Zhonghua business, Shenzhen Jinjia, Shenzhen Jiuxing, Yutong, Guangdong magnificent, Tiger color, Yangfeng, Yachang, Hongxing, Anxing, Lijia, meijiamei, Zhengye, lvzhicai, Hongda, tianzhang Zhongxing and other award-winning strength Indian enterprises participated in the exhibition; There are also powerful buyer groups organized by well-known terminal enterprises, such as P & G, Colgate, Nestle, Yashili, LiBai, Haitian Lijinji, JDB, Yili, uni president, Pepsi, Mengniu, etc

strive to build a theme pavilion for packaging and printing to accelerate the heating up of industry hotspots

with packaging and printing becoming the profit growth point and market development trend of the industry, as well as the developed manufacturing in the Pearl River Delta, the current research on the pest phenomenon mechanism of MoSi2 believes that the volatilization of Mo oxide leads to the discontinuity and non compactness of SiO2 film; The samples themselves are not dense enough or have cracks. Various end product production bases vigorously drive the demand for packaging and printing. Packaging and printing equipment and materials have also become the highlights of the South China exhibition. With the rapid development in recent years, it accounted for nearly 60% of the total exhibition in 2014. Many paper bags, color box equipment, post press processing, packaging and printing technologies were performed at the South China exhibition. The 2015 South China International Printing Exhibition will strive to build a packaging and printing theme museum, which will be unveiled at that time, promoting the continuous warming of the hot spot of the packaging and printing industry

South China International Printing Industry Exhibition, the only international exhibition in China that effectively covers the four major areas of printing, packaging, labels and packaging products, has become the only international exhibition in China that comprehensively covers the four major areas of printing, packaging, labels and packaging products after 21 years of development and continuous innovation. In the same period, China (Guangzhou) international packaging products museum displayed various packaging products, such as Xingguang group, bimashi, Mingfeng, Euro cosmetic Asia, covering terminal packaging applications in food, medical treatment, cosmetics and other industries. The huge industry linkage effect provided a one-stop procurement platform for buyers in the printing, packaging, and advantageous label industry who ensured the professional production of testing instruments with the reputation of designated enterprises,; It is the link between printing and packaging enterprises, terminal enterprises, equipment manufacturers and material suppliers; It also enables packaging and printing equipment manufacturers to effectively contact end users and achieve a win-win situation between exhibitors and users

"the 22nd South China International Printing Exhibition" is guided by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of publishing, radio, film and television and Guangdong Publishing Group Co., Ltd., and jointly hosted by China Foreign Trade Center (Group), Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. and Guangdong publishing group, At the same time, "2015 China International label printing technology exhibition" (Sino label 2015), "the 22nd China International Packaging Industry Exhibition" (Sino pack 2015) and "China International Packaging Products Exhibition" (pack inno2015) were held. The nine pavilions built the whole industrial chain of printing, labeling, packaging and packaging products

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