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The 11th South China international printing equipment and printing industry exhibition was opened at Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 30. More than 400 printing equipment and raw material manufacturers from Germany, France, Italy and other countries and regions as well as China participated in the exhibition, which is the largest event in the printing and packaging industry in South China

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the exhibition exhibits a wide range, including:1 Digital image and advertisement: the computer directly outputs the printing plate, digital color separation system, proofing system, color scanner ", image processor, desktop typesetting software and system, printer, developer, etc; Advertising materials and supply; Get up in the morning and brush your teeth. 3. Transmission speed: toothpaste - extrude swell. Format inkjet printers, digital cameras, all kinds of advertising paper, stickers and materials; All kinds of materials and supplies for making billboards, light boxes and printing media; 2. Printing machinery and equipment: rotary printing machine, lithographic printing machine, form printing machine, self-adhesive printing machine, numbering printing machine, screen printing brush machine, plate making machine, proofing machine, etc; 3. Flexographic printing materials, equipment and machinery: flexographic plate, plate making machine, plate installation, proofing system, double-sided tape, printing sleeve, flexographic printing machine; 4. Printing materials: blanket, ink and color, label, paper, plate, self-adhesive materials, etc; Post press equipment; Die cutting, binding, gluing, folding, folding, laminating machine, punching machine, etc; 5. Test instruments and equipment

the exhibition has ended today

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