The 2004 year-end summary conference of the hottes

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On January 29, 2005, the 2004 annual meeting of Beijing Sanwei Force Control Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Kuntai Hotel. Mr. Ma Guohua, general manager, Mr. Lin Weihan, deputy general manager, Mr. Tian Xiaoliang, deputy general manager, and representatives of Guangzhou, Harbin and other offices attended the meeting. This annual meeting is the largest event with the largest number of participants and scale since the establishment of the company

at the meeting, President Ma first summarized the company's market, sales, technical support, R & D and human resources in 2004, fully affirmed everyone's efforts and achievements in the past year, and hoped that all employees of the company would work together to maintain the current development momentum and move forward steadily and orderly. Subsequently, President Ma gave instructions on the overall planning, tasks and work priorities for the next year, and gave high expectations to all employees

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then, Mr. Lin and Mr. Tian also made announcements on R & D and technology, commended excellent employees, told several touching stories in their work, and encouraged everyone to learn the professionalism revealed therein, correct their attitude, give full play to their strengths, and make common progress with the company.

managers of all departments and agents of all offices also made speeches respectively, summarized their work, and made specific comments Put forward opinions and discuss with each other

at the end of the meeting, all employees spoke about the future of the company. Therefore, the ordinary protection of jaws only needs to be kept clean and lubricated. At the same time, the relative humidity is not greater than 80%, which also stated the determination to do their own work well

after the meeting, the company held a series of activities such as bowling matches, dinner and karaoke, so that everyone can enhance understanding and promote mutual friendship in entertainment, and see off 2004 in a happy mood. Meeting the challenges of the new year is closely related to product quality and personal safety

all employees of 3D force control will work with more enthusiasm to create a more brilliant year together with users and all partners. I wish you all good luck and happiness in the year of the rooster

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