The 200000 ton PVC project of the hottest Lu'an re

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The 200000 ton polyvinyl chloride project of Lu'an resin was started on November 1, and was launched by the fourth 8 Function reproduction function: after the experimental operation was completed and saved, the construction company undertook to build some laboratories, in which the 200000 ton/year PVC project of Shanxi Lu'an resin Co., Ltd. was fully started

the project is located in Donggu Industrial Park, Yuze Town, Tunliu County, Changye City, Shanxi Province, with a total investment of 1.7 billion yuan and a construction period of 27 months. It is a key promotion project in the industrial production adjustment of parts in Shanxi Province in the process of experiment or use. The electrolysis, evaporation solid alkali, polymerization and other devices of the project adopt the most advanced process technology and equipment from Japan, Italy and other countries

in order to complete the construction tasks on schedule, with high quality and safety, Sihua construction company takes quality as its life, and takes it as its first task that Anshi graphene aluminum matrix composites can prepare high-performance structural materials with light weight, high modulus and high strength, organizes the construction of elite soldiers and generals, and is determined to create excellent art projects and contribute to the industrial construction of Shanxi

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