The 2005 International Forum on the coordinated de

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The 2005 International Forum on the coordinated development of the plastic industry and the environment will be held in Zhejiang Province. However, the 2005 International Summit Forum on the coordinated development of China's plastic industry and environmental protection, CO hosted by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the International Chemical Manufacturers Association and the Taizhou Municipal People's Government of Zhejiang Province, is scheduled to be held in Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhejiang Province on the th. The meeting will invite leaders of relevant national departments, experts and representatives of relevant enterprises who are also vigorously trying to promote spray free materials for new energy vehicles in the plastic industry at home and abroad to attend. The meeting will discuss the development prospects and current situation of China's waste plastic recycling industry and other topics of concern to the society and the industry, as well as the current and upcoming national policies and regulations in this field "The identification and price of plastic products are within a reasonable range", the national standards and foreign experience in plastic recycling are mainly introduced

by introducing policies and regulations related to the waste plastic recycling industry at home and abroad, exchanging mature practices of waste plastic recycling at home and abroad and foreign advanced recycling management experience, this paper puts forward useful exploration for the operation and management of the waste plastic recycling market polluted by industrial wastewater and waste in China, Discuss how professional associations and enterprises in this field can work together and how to assist relevant national departments in the rational utilization of imported waste plastics and domestic waste plastics, so as to promote the healthy development of resource regeneration and environmental protection

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